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CCTV Security Camera Installation


Pricing & CCTV Packages

Gold Class only install high quality CCTV security products and have a selection of CCTV packages to suit all budgets and security monitoring requirements.


Suitable for Residential

Suitable for a small business or residential home that requires a maximum four cameras & one digital video recorder


Suitable for Residential or Business

Clients needing to cover a large area or home inside and out with up to ten cameras in operation.


Suitable for Large Businesses

Professional systems for high performance security, required for large premises, remote or difficult to monitor areas. Up to sixteen cameras in operation with custom system design to meet specific requirements.



* Price can vary depending on type of cameras, DVR specifications & installation costs

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is visual surveillance technology with the capability to monitor a variety of environments and activities. With an internet connection to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), the CCTV security camera system can be remotely viewed & operated from an iPhone, iPad or other smart devices. This allows for instance viewing & playback from the internal hard drive built in to your Digital Video Recorder (DVR), from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Installing CCTV Surveillance Cameras at your Home or Business

  • Guard & monitor against thefts or uninvited guests.

  • Monitor your children in play areas or in a swimming pool.

  • Protect your vehicles, motorcycle, boat or jet skis

  • Monitor your jetty, garage, driveway, gates, fence lines, front & back entrances

  • To supervise your work staff and enhance their overall productivity.

  • Keep an eye on merchandise and monitor its movement.

  • Video images for work cover & insurance claims

  • Apply better quality control for your business by constantly monitoring all production.

  • If a staff member or customer has an accident in the workplace, or crime occurs and you need to get the police involved.

  • CCTV camera’s can provide a ‘third’ eye that is a very powerful tool, when you need to protect yourself or property.

Gold Class Installations supply & install CCTV security camera systems that are reliable, durable and upgradable. Systems can be designed to suit your particular security concerns, not matter how large or small.

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