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A majority of our projects at Gold Class installations are Home Theatre and Home Cinema. We do the whole job from the cabling to the component fit off. The location of the speakers is most important to the end result for the sound and performance of the audio. It is vital to get the cables to the exact location that we recommend you place your speakers.


In any instance we avoid running unsightly condute. Many companies will tell customers that it is impossible to get cables to a certian location. It is never impossible! Often we will cut a channel into a block wall, plaster, even concrete wall to hide the cables. Then we plaster over and paint the wall back to the original condition, or make better than it first was. We always use our regular trades people who we know we can trust with your valuable home; and of course we are fully insured.

Home Theatre Installations

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Home Cinema Installation


Home cinema come in two speaker formats; 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. This means some home cinema systems are 5 speaker only and others are seven. The difference is having either two or four surround speakers. If you are using a seven speaker system (which is highly recommended) you you find that when sitting in the centre of the room, you can enjoy sound coming from not only in front and behind you, but also beside you . This results in a very real sounding experience!


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