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Marine Stereo Installation


Over the past few years I have installed stereo equipment including both audio and video into a number of luxury marine vessels.  The one that I have chosen for this case study is an 85 foot Horizon called ‘Summer Wind’.  This magnificent vessel is worth around five million dollars, so the owner is of course very fussy, and very choosey about who is allowed to enter the boat, let alone work on it.

The first instructions were to fit surround sound into the lower saloon, and extend speakers to the bow and the stern.  With marine stereo at this level, there is no compromise or cutting corners. The equipment must be the highest quality and made to last.  This included having custom 316 stainless steel speaker covers purpose built and very neatly installed.  There will be no rusty old covers a year later on an installation from my company. 

To fit the amplifiers and wireless audio sender, back at the workshop I custom made these brackets to neatly hold the equipment in place.


The owner was so delighted with the installation that he asked for the same system to be installed into the wheelhouse.  Summer Wind had migrated north to Hamilton Island by then, however the owner was not about to compromise on quality; wanting the ones he can trust, he flew my senior technician and I to the destination to perform another high quality Gold Class Installation.  We enjoyed staying on the ship and have since become great friends with the crew.  We continue to do regular stereo and home theatre installation for the owner’s properties, friends and family.



If you have a high quality marine vessel and would like to discuss your installation with me, you can contact me directly on my mobile -

Brett McLennan 0413 708 096


I pride myself on high quality service, and that includes being available for my customers.  You can phone me directly, and if for some reason I am not able to answer, you can guarantee I will return your call as soon as my hands are free.


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